The Rebuild starting in 2014 through 2016

I have decided to get serious with this car and update the suspension, engine,

transmission that came with the car when I bought it!!  The new engine will be

a BBC stroked motor with 540 cubic inches running 12 to 1 compression

and topped off with aluminum racing heads and a new 1050 Dominator carb. 

A new Lunati Custom Voodoo Cam specified at 765/765 lift and duration

@ .50 of 269/273.   Measured flow rates on these heads are (measured at 765 lift)

shown to be 372 on the 2.19 intake & 355 on the 1.88 exhausts.


The Turbo 400 transmission has been rebuilt to include a number of special racing

parts including a Bill Taylor Enterprises 10" Converter (310800 9618W ) , a

Hughes Trans Brake, and a new B&M  Pro Ratchet shifter.


The Chassis is getting  a mid-plate and a racing version of a 4 bar rear suspension.

Engine motor mounts have been changed to a solid mount.  Two 10" electric fans and 

a custom aluminum shroud have been installed on the radiator along with an 50 GPM

electric water pump on the engine.  The entire fuel system has been replaced

including a new  aluminum tank, new monster size fuel lines , Magna Pro Star 500

fuel pump, filter, and pressure regulator to support at least 1000 HP.  I have also

replaced the existing rear end with a nine inch Strange nodular iron rear-end, a spool, and

a set of 35 spline axels along with a Pro 3.90 to 1 ring and pinion gear set. The rear shocks

were replaced with a set of coil-overs from QA-1.  


The current estimate on the new motor is 850-900 HP with almost as much torque. 

The engine, etc. could also take a pretty healthy shot of nitrous if need be !

Also note the new roll cage installation.... it will be good for up to 8.50 ET passes.

The 2 primary people I'm depending to do the majority of the work on my 37 Coupe are

my machinist & friend  Roger Lorton of Standard Machine LLC and my  Chassis

builder/welder  & friend Rick Proctor of Proctor Chassis.


Here are some pictures from the build  process:





                        Stay tuned more  to come !!!