Text Box:          1979 Super Street/Super Gas/Super Comp Dodge Challenger




        Big Jim's Former Race Car - Sold during the Spring 2007


















       "This was my fastest car to date" ....... Big Jim

      Check out the Monster Meats on the Back !!!

 406 sbc complete....GOOD DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Although the Paint Job was Old...I still liked it !!!

      "The Challenger set really low in front... about 3" off the ground !!"

      "The Interior was strictly business..."













Here are  2 pictures of my old Challenger from the new owner (Bobby Hartshorn) after inserting an

injected 440 engine and laying down some new paint on the "Old Challenger" ...very cool paint design!



   As of May 2009, Bobby informed me he was putting the Challenger up for sale due to the economy's

   effect on his Paint Business!  It's a great car, someone will be getting a great race car !!!