At last Mark has started the painting process.... the color of the interior panels and body will be Silver as

shown below!!!

Getting ready to paint the body.....


Now that the chassis is painted it's time to start reassembling the various chassis components!


Here is a picture of the headliner Mark and Patty are installing!


Pictures of the new rear side  windows....


Shown below is the "Rat Roaster" intake manifold that has been modified for optimum performance and

safety when running on a Hemi with carbs in a cross ram configuration. Modifications include removing

the dividers, and filling in the low spots with epoxy to prevent fuel puddles. Another thing is these

manifolds have a reputation of backfire explosions that crack the lids. To relieve the pressure, Mark

installed two Nitrous type relief valves.



            Well it is time to light the fire in the Hemi.....

               CONGRATULATIONS MARK !!!!

                          April 20th, 2012






             Pictures from the US 60 Drag Strip - with Mark, Wayne, and Jim taking pictures!


Mark and Jim back at the shop just before Jim headed back to Indiana.

It was a great 2 days I spent with Mark and his friends, especially racing at  US 60 Raceway! 


October 31, 2014 ... Here are a few shots of the engine after installing a new 1050 Dominator ! 

Mark hopes to get to track to do some additional testing before winter sets in and the tracks close!



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