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    Ian Merryweather's Custom Built Willys Coupe from across the Pond .................      The Isle of Man !




                This absolutely gorgeous Willys is definitely one of the World's Nicest .....

                We are talking top drawer everything in this car... no expense or time was spared. 

                The trim and fit of the body is probably the best I have ever seen.... but the item that

                knocks your socks off is the exquisite paint on this car laid down by Ian himself!



                Big Jim's "Quality Award for Build Excellence"  





                                1941 Willys Coupe Specification

                                                   Owner:  Ian Merryweather  -  Isle of Man



    ENGINE - 460 Ford V8. Mallory ignition, Wieand intake, Holley 800 carb, March pulleys. Custom stainless steel

    headers and full exhaust system.

    TRANSMISSION C6 with B&M racing internals, TCI Street Avenger torque converter and B&M Shifter.

    REAR AXLE Custom built 9 Ford fitted with 3.50-1 gears, Ford Traclok LSD, Strange racing half shafts,

    Ford Probe discs, BMW Mini Cooper aluminium callipers.


    SUSPENSION Custom designed suspension front & rear.  Fabricated front wishbones & rear diagonal 4 link,

    Ford [euro market] Granada 2.8i front hubs/discs/calipers Koni adjustable shocks all round. Contitech double

    convolution air springs all round with Dakota Digital air ride control electronics.


    Chassis Custom designed & fabricated 3 x 2 box section with full 8 point roll cage bonded into the

    fibreglass body.


    Wheels & Tyres Front Weld Rodlites 5 x 15 Rear Weld Rodlites 14 x 15 with 15.5 x 28.5 x 15

    Hoozier ProStreet tires.

    Interior All panels custom built, seats Vauxhall Tigra, Jaguar steering column, billet steering wheel.

   Other Custom built head & tail lights, grill, dash. Volvo p/s rack, Citroen p/s pump, custom 3 row aluminium radiator,          

    Paint & Body - body prepared & painted by Ian Merryweather.  The color is Lexas Tungsten Mist.






                   Here is Ian pictured with his pride and joy!


























Here are a few build pictures....






Ian's Future plans includes more performance - 

So over the winter months a fresh motor will be put together or the existing one pulled

out and freshened up.    Either way an 8-71 Littlefield Blower will find it's way under

the hood of this Willys !!





A Video of Ian on a straight away..... (getting with the progam !)



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