Shown below are pictures, videos, and descriptions of the build

process from 2007 through 2012. During this period the drive

train and suspension were changed out or significantly modified.

































UPDATE: September  2008

The old tranny and engine have been removed. The firewall has been prepped

and painted prior to installing the blown 454 big block Chevy.  Here is a picture

of the fire wall with it's new color " Spectra Blue Mica ".  PPG, paint code 5437. 

The firewall was painted now to eliminate removing the engine when the

rest of the car is painted.








Update October - December 2008....  


Installing a an 7.62 to 1 compression Chevy Big Block 454 cube motor with an 8-71 BDS Blower with

dual quads.   Additionally, the existing Turbo 400 is being swapped out for a

TCI Turbo 400 racing transmission with modifications by  A&S Transmissions - Phx. AZ 

Also installing a new 10" converter built to withstand the horsepower and torque developed by a blown motor. 


Shown below are pictures taken after slipping the 454 BBC engine & TCI tranny (rated for 1000 HP) into my Willys Coupe. 

Note: headers are bolted on to determine what modifications are needed to improve clearances from the body . 

These fender well headers are designed to fit 55 Chevy.  They will be retrofitted by Rick Proctor to fit the Willys.

After adjustments are made they will be ceramic coated to match the engine.


I plan to run the blower (10% under-driven which should allow the use of 93 octane pump gas and still provide 600-650 HP

for street/strip action. The car should run easy 10.0's in a detuned mode.  If we decide to do some serious racing....

A change of pulleys on the Blower and some 110+ octane race gas would net us close to 1000 HP in a

2800 pound car .  That could lead to some really fast times.....





Specs on the new "Silver Bullet" & related Components


-BDS Fully Polished 8/71 Blower - 54 top and 49 bottom 8mm Pulleys provide 5.9 pounds of boost @10% Underdriven

-Big Block 454 Chevy - bored .030 over with billet 4 bolt splayed main caps - providing a total of  460 cubic inches.

-Heads: Brodix BB-2s with 119 cc CNC combustion chamber, 2.250/1.900 valves.  Double springs

-Rocker Arms: 1.72 Miller stainless steel roller rockers

-Head Bolts: ARP Stud Kit

-Cam: GM Performance Billet hydraulic roller, 112 C/L, 211/230 Duration at .050, 510/540 lift.

-Lifters: Crane Hydraulic Roller

-Pushrods: 1-piece Manley

-Crank: Scat 4.00, 2 piece rear main

-Crank Main Bolts: ARP studs and bolts. (Bolts for splayed locations)

-Rods: GM HP "Dimple rods"

-Rod Bolts: 7/16

-Pistons: Speed Pro forged D-Cups #L2453F 

-Piston Compression ratio 7.82 :1 with 119cc Brodix Aluminum heads

-Final Compression Ration with 5.9 pounds of Boost is 11 to 1

-Rings: File fit, plasma moly

-Oil Pan: 7 Quart Milodon

-Oil Pump: TRW High Volume

-Fuel Pump: Edlebrock, 6 vein mechanical

-Distributor: Low Profile MSD Billet

-Plug Wires/Boots: MSD 31293 - 8.5mm Super Conductor Racing

-Ignition: MSD AL6

-Carburetors: Two Holley 830 Double Pumps prepared by BDS

    -Jets initial at 72 and 85, Power Valve are 4.5 , 

    -Squirters 31  - One small whole in each prim. butterfly

-Lokar TC-1000U Throttle Cable  

-Edelbrock Polished Aluminum Water Pump

-Custom Griffin aluminum radiator - 15" by 32.5" dual core with 1.5 " tubes 

-Lower Radiator Hose - NAPA 7716       Upper Hose - 16" Flexible

-Radiator Coolant Additive - NAPA Kool 4056

-Dual 13 inch HP Spal electric fans VA13 AP6  63A - each provides 1710 CFM at 18.5 amps

-Jegs 10569 dual fan & relay wiring harness

-Jegs 511010 Catch Can & 511020 Aluminum Bracket

-Starter:  mini-high torque

-Flexplate: Summit HD unit  with an SFI rating

-Converter: TCI 2800-3200 RPMS 10" with an SFI rating

-Transmission: TCI 890212016 Competition Turbo Hydro 400 with

  additional modifications By Alger at A&S Transmissions - Phx. AZ

-Transmission Shield: Hughes SFI rated

- B&M  Pro Ratchet Shifter

-Drive shaft: Custom Steel shaft with 1350 U-Joints and yokes

-Rear-end: Currie 9-Plus with Randy's Posi-Traction, 31 Spline Axles - 3:70 Gear Ratio

-Rims are 15" by 12" wide Cragars in the rear and 14" by 6" wide in the front

-Rear Tires are MT Tubeless Drag Radials 30" tall by 13.50 wide

-Front Tires are P195-65 R14 Radials







UPDATE:  2008... Installing a roll bar.

Chassis modifications, welding, roll bar, etc., is being completed by


Rick Proctor Chassis - Phoenix, Arizona



Shown below are pictures of my new "Silver Bullet"  454 BBC motor 

along with pictures of the 8-71 blower prior to being installed:



                  This video taken 10-30-08 ....



Update 12-22-08

Powered my the super charged 454 motor on 12-26-08…

sounded great (even though it was through the mufflers

with shorty headers until new fenderwell headers are modified).




Reinstalled tilt front-end, new fenderwell headers altered & in place, installed line-lock,

installed Currie 9 Plus rear end with Positraction and 3:70 gears, installed

new boost gauge, trans. temp. &, water temp gauges, new floor shift, cut hole in hood

to allow carbs to stick out and put the hood down.  Also installed new wheelie bars, and

altered front-suspension to raise car in front by 2 inches for curb clearance

More to come.... stay tuned!!



Note: Car is a little dusty after cutting the hole in the fiberglass hood !!


Proposed lettering on the sides of the Coupe. 


Note the new wheelie bars!!

D/GasBlown 401K



Interior shot with new floor shifter, roll bar setup, some added gages, shift light,  etc…..The red safety switch

on the back of the shifter is for my line lock…  Although you cannot see them…there are 2 fan switches for

the radiator and a separate trans cooler at the back of the shifter.  Eventually there will be a custom console

on the trans. hump. I am also converting all gauges to larger 2 5/8 Auto-Meter Sport Comp gauges like the

three mounted to the bottom of the dash. (need big gauges for old eyes)



Fired motor to adjust carbs & timming... motor overheating.

Overheating due to deffective steel heads.  I have ordered new set of Brodix BB-2 Aluminum heads.

More to come.... stay tuned!!




New aluminum Brodix Heads have arrived .... after preperation at Standard Machine they will be installed on

the new motor.



July  2009...

Engine is re-installed with new Brodix Aluminum heads and seems to be running well except it still

runs on the warm side and carbs are set way too rich. Which brings up the next issue cooling.  We are going to try several

things with the radiator, but I suspect a new larger radiator is in order.

Here is a Video of the engine running in my garage:



April  2010

Below are a few pictures showing extensive construction of a new tilt front end mechanism.....

This is the prerequisite to installing a new custom built aluminum radiator by Griffin. This way we will be

able to position the new radiator directly in front of the car's grill.


Here are a few general pictures of the Willys showing the current configuration less a new Griffin Radator.


At last .... the 15" by 32.5" dual core 1.5 " tube Griffin radiator is here with dual 13 inch Spal electric fans.

The Spal fans are rated at 1370 cfm each... that will keep things pretty cool!


Plenty of clearance between the radiator and blower drive...... :>)


These new Spal fans create a real wind storm through the radiator !!  Tested the new radiator setup

in 105 degree Arizona heat... ran 30 minutes at idle never exceeded 200 degrees...Success !!


April 2012....... The car is fully functional ready to think about some fiberglass work,

primer, paint, and and completion of the interior.  At this point, because I have my 37 Chevy Gasser,

I am leaning towards selling the Willys as is and focusing my full attention to my 37 Chevy Gasser.




Last pictures of my Willys taken in May of 2012.......





     June 2012 -

     Decided to go ahead and sell the Willys... the first person to answer my ad on the internet

     flew into Phoenix from California and bought it!  Had a lot of fun building the car but it was

     time to move on to my next project.



         Below is a list of people I would like to thank that have done work on my

        Willys or have helped me with their insight, knowledge, and support !!

    Alger & Charlie @ A&S Transmissions - (623) 910-9880 - Transmission Modifications

    David Hoyt - Friend and Fellow Car Nut

    Don Marsh - My Dad and Mentor

    Hal Canode - Friend, Advisor, and Professional Race Car Builder

    Harry Stoner - Friend, Advisor, and Fellow Racer

    Jeff & Tim Marsh - My Brothers and Fellow Car Nuts

    Jerry Kochanski - Friend and Fellow Car Nut  (R.I.P. my friend 2011)

    Mark Artis @ Texas Thunder Performance - (972) 712-6558 - My friend and Advisor

    Mark Mahorney - Friend, Expert Paint and Body Man, Advisor and Fellow Racer  (502) 245-5355

    Mopar Ron Podsiadly - Friend, Mopar Expert, Advisor and Fellow Racer

    Rick Proctor @ Rick's Chassis - (623) 297-0137 - Chassis modifications, Wiring, Roll cage, etc., etc..and more!!

    Roger Lorton @ Stantard Machine - (623) 939-1431  - Friend, Expert Machinist, Advisor and Fellow Racer

    Tyler "Dude" Marsh - My son who's help is irreplaceable !


And last but not least... My Wife Patti of 30+ years who puts up with my addiction to cars!



  Here are some pictures from the new owner, after having the Willys painted!













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