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Super Stock, NSS, and NMC Race Cars

     Nostalgia Super Stock & NMC

    Super Stock, FX & PRO Stock

    Texas Outsiders - NSS

    Texas Thunder Galaxy




















Also be sure and checkout the new high resolution digital pictures added to the 

Mopar Gasser, and Street Rods sections, plus an update to Marks Hemi-Allstate,

 and the latest on my 37 Chevy Coupe . Also check out John's 62 Impala.


Take a look at the new Videos in  Mopars Videos  , and  Gasser Videos. Also take a look at the Street Rod Videos  and several videos of my former '65 Dodge which now runs NSS at 9.50 second ET's !





Big Jim's Former Rides


41 Blown Willys Coupe  

37 Chevy  Gas Coupe

64 Corvette Coupe

65 Dodge Coronet                    

78 Dodge Magnum

79 Dodge Challenger 

34 Plymouth Coupe

66 Chevy Caprice

62 Corvette Convertible

55 Chevy Sedan

1964 Model 330 Dodge  

1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 800


Aug. 31, 2014

 Special Photographs 


 Fred Binders Oak Creek Canyon Pictures

 Fred Binders Snow Bowl Pictures

 One Cool Bike by Ferrari "The Creature"

 Indy 500 Crash Series by Scott  Richardson




Big Jim's Current Rides


1937 Chevy Gas Coupe           

2012 Buick Enclave SUV

Street Rods and Pro Street


  Street Rods - Pro Street, etc.

  Street Rod Videos

  Harry's Wicked '69 Camaro

  Dick's '55 Chevy Post Car

  Cool Peterbilt Street Rod

  Warrens '34 Ford Three Window

  Albert's '34 Plymouth Highboy

  Double Trouble Roadster

  Dickey's Trick Thunderbird

  Viagra on Wheels- 34' Coupe


Great Rock and Roll from Safford AZ

Big Jim's Favorite Mopars

Favorite Mopars (Post 1959)  

Favorite Mopars (pre-1960)   

Favorite Mopar Videos

Bad Ass Mopar B-Bodies       

Mopar Trucks                           

1930s & 1940s Mopar Trucks 

Bill's '71 Dodge Demon

Ron's '40 Dodge Truck

Ron's Race Truck

Tom's Very Cool '62 Dart

Chuck's 63' Savoy                 

Bob's '67 Belvedere           

Special '62 Plymouth         

Cool '68 Cuda                       

David's Bad Ass 67 Cuda 

'68 Hemi Dart 

Dominick Sabol's Mopars

Al's '67 Valiant        

Al's '68 Cuda 

Plymouth Prowler's         

'64 Dodge 330 Super Stock        

'69 Very Cool Road Runner        

'66 Hemi Belvedere                   

'66 Hemi Belvedere Rag Top

Troy's Road Runner

Phil Elhardt's Hemi Plymouth

Monty Trower's Hemi Belvedere

Mark Reyer's Dodge Truck

Bob Mosher's B-Bodys 

Damon's "FUGLY" Plymouth

Chuck Emery's '64 Savoy

V-10 Dodge Challenger

Mike's New Challenger SRT

Beautiful Blue Super Bee

Troy's Three Mopars             

Cruising Grand (Mopars)

Chuck Merken's 64 Dodge Gasser









Misc. Links



   Links Page

   Hemi Crate Motors 

   750 HP Blown Hemi 

   Interesting New Products


   Christmas Spirit Page

   Happy New Year Page

Favorite Gassers & Pro Street -

Including Willys, Anglias, Allstates,

Henry Js, Austins, Chevys & more.


Willy's Gassers & Special Rides Part 1

Willys Gassers & Special Rides Part 2

Real Nice  Willys Coupes

Gassers Videos               

Henry J's & Allstate Gassers           

Anglia Gassers                               

Austin Gassers                           

Chevy Gassers

Chevy Gassers - 1936-37 Coupes    

Randy's '41 Willys 

Jerry's Blown Hemi Willys

Mark Spencer's '33 Willys

Mark's '52 Hemi Allstate 

Dick  Robbin's Green '41 Willys

Dick Robbin's Brown '41 Willys

Mickey's '40 Willys Coupe

33 Willys Highboy Coupe

Dickie Hooe's 41 Willys

Ricks "Old School" Willys

Allan Knutsen's Gas Coupes

Jim Olsen's Willys Truck    

41 Willys Gasser Truck

Pat's 41 Willys Truck       

Ian's 41 Willys

Del Weisner's 33 Willys Gasser

'37 Chevy "Wild 1"   B/Gas Coupe

'64 Dodge Gasser

Wild 1 Gas Coupe

Roger McCarvill's '41 Gas Coupe

Big Jim's 37 Chevy Gas Coupe

Gassers with a Different Look

Cruising Grand in Escondido

Bowling Green Kentucky






Horse Power Estimator


Big Jim's Friends Rides


    Ron Posaidly's COE Trucks 

    Roger's 65 Tang & S/G Roadster                 

    Hal Canode's Race Cars

    Jerry's '62 and '65 Comets                          

    Dad's 1903 Runabout Car

    Tony Marsh's Camaro 

    Del's 1957 Kenworth

    John's 1962 Impala 409       


Checkout the Latest Website Additions/Changes:     Mark's Hemi-Allstate ,     

'64 Dodge Super Stock ,  Ron's '40 Dodge Truck , Mopar Trucks , Dickie Hooe's 41 Willys

'66 Hemi Belvedere ,  Bill Creech's Dart ,  Harry Stoner's Camaro , Phillip Elhardt's Hemi

Tom Easterday's '62 Dodge Dart Jim's Original 37 Chevy Gasser , Jim's 41 Willys        

Mickey Lowder's Willys Coupe   '33 Bones Dubach Pisano Willys, Monty's Hemi Belvedere Dick's 55 Chevy Post Car ,  Roger's '41 Willys Ron's Race Truck ,  Rico's '64 Plymouth , Roger's Mustang , Super Stock   '37 Chevy Gas Coupes   Al's '68 Cuda    Prowlers   Peterbilt  Street Rod   Warrens '34 Three Window    66 Chevy Caprice    Tony's Camaro    Jim's 1962 Corvette  Bob Mosher's B-Bodies  Ricks "Old School Willys"

Damon's Plymouth    Ferrari's Bike ?    Texas Thunder Galaxie         Chuck's '64 Savoy 

Allan Knutsen's Gas Coupes    Jim Olsen's Willys Truck    Jim's Challenger    

Dick Robbin's Brown '41 Willys    41 Willys Gasser Truck    Pat's 41 Willys Truck

Ian's 41 Willys Across the Pond  Mikes New Challenger SRT  Beautiful Blue Super Bee

Albert's '34 Highboy Plymouth Coupe    1930s thru 1940s Mopar Trucks

Del Weisner's 33 Willys    Del Weisner's 57 Kenworth    Albert's 34 highboy

Double Trouble Roadster    "Wild 1"  B/Gas Coupe      '64 Dodge Gasser 

Nice 37 Chevy Sedan    Dickey's Trick Thunderbird      Cool '65 GTO

Dickey's Sweet 69 Camaro   John's 1962 409 Chevy  Viagra on Wheels 

Troy's Three Mopars   Gassers with a Different Look     Anglia Gassers   

Henry J's & Allstate Gassers    Austin Gassers   Chevy Gassers Crusing Grand in Escondido  Bowling Green Kentucky  More Bowling Green Hal's Race Cars  1962 Pontiac Grand Prix   Cruising Grand (Mopars) Dick's New Chevy Nova   A 72 Plymouth Duster Racer Jim's 55 Chevy